Dangerous Men
A Sima Sim Intl. release. Produced, directed, written by John S. Rad.
With: Melody Wiggins, Kelay Miller, Michael Gradilone, Annali Aeristos, Bryan Jenkins.

By Greg Goodsell

Dangerous Men has been packing then into special midnight shows in Los Angeles. Ostensibly starting off like a routine rap-revenge drama, it takes various eccentris paths that throw even the well-seasoned-viewer of guard. Director John S. Rad is pleased that people are enjoying his film , and is doing whatever it takes to make sure that as many people see it as possible. Thie writer took time to brief question-answer session, which appears below --

How long did it take to shoot Dangerous Men?

John S. Rad: Because I am involved in other businesses, I'm an architect, I am a poet, I'm a composer and other stuff I'm busy with, it took me a little bit long to finish this film.

Was this your first attempt at film making?

John S. Rad: No, I've done more films here in Hollywood, and also overseas. It's not my first.

What were your other US credits?

John S. Rad: Under the cover of night, Tough and Restless and this one. I write, produce, I direct, I do most of the film by myself. Even the music. Totally in control.

Is Dangerous Men a revenge drama?

John S. Rad: No, my technique is absolutely different. I feel that I have the idea that in 2 hours you see a film, It is like you got a university. You learn a lot or you may lose a lot by a film. So, if you are a right person and you like your society, the best thing is make something like guidance that is like fun, like many things they learn, so my film always goes different ways, and altogether is one thing, to see what is bad and what is good, what is right and what is wrong in a fun way.

So your films have message and morals?

John S. Rad: Definitely! Messages, that is what I explained to you.

Would you call Dangerous Men an action-adventure film?

John S. Rad: I just can't say just action and adventure. There's a lot of action and adventure in it. It's funny too. Tonight you'll see. You'll crack up. There are parts that you're really convinced that you understood the sense by that moment, But you're not because you don't know what will happen next. It takes you to another way. and then it takes you to the same place. There's a lot of fun in this film. Really, most often I check reaction of viewers, it's really great and you'll see it yourself tonight. I have seen quite a few people coming to Dangerous Men. When I questioned them why you saw the film 3 to 4 times, they amazingly say it's a lot of fun and I'll go again.

You directed some films in your native country of Iran?

John S. Rad: I did. There were 3. My first movie won a prize and was pretty famous. Years and years later people remembered it was famous and popular. The first one that took prize was Zire Pooste Shab, which means in English Under The Skin of The Night. The next one which was a a great movie, I don't think after this time to my knowledge any film had more than 10,000 in the cast. We had over 10,000 cast, that film was called If a Leaf Never Falls. And then I had another film called Plus and Minus. That was a very touching story. I never forgot that film.

Anyway when the (Ayatollah) Khomeini was brought to Iran, which as you know millions of brains left the country and unfortunately their technique is not the right way... of running a country. As we see now, there is no work and nobody is happy from this government. Such a country with such a big history. Thousands years ago, probably, as you know, everybody knows go to the United Nation! His handwriting is there. The first human by Cyrus the Great, the Iranian king. Now, unfortunately sometimes we are ashamed to say we re Iranian because of this government.

There seems to be a lot of recent Iranian films that are opening up to the west ...

John S. Rad: Yes, it's because there are lots of Iranian, Persians in Southern California. Do you know how many Iranians are here? Over half a million and they are rich, bright and very caring! You don't see any crime --well, there is but very few, because of their nature, and because of their ten thousand years of civilization but you see a lot of crime every day, I don't want to mention names ---

Do you see film as serving an ambassador-like role to other nations and cultures?

John S. Rad: I'll be honest with you. I'm writing a book in that respect right now. That's a very exciting book. Actually I don't read anyone's writing. I don't see anybody's films because I like my work to be original. My creativity! If it is good, it's different. If it's bad, it's a different bad. That is my way of (working).

Is there a lot of excitement over Dangerous Men?

John S. Rad: Lot of excitement! You'll see tonight. You'll talk about it, maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. But I'll bet that you love it.

What reaction have you been getting?

John S. Rad: I'll be honest with you. I never expected. I have a lot of emails. from Europe, from other countries, inside the country, other states, many other, many press, TV shows, they ask me for interviews, Radio stations ask me for interviews. This was really unexpected.

Did you originally rent out movie theaters to get the movie shown?

John S. Rad: First of all, as usual, in Hollywood, when you're not known, they don't even pay attention to you! (Laughs). They did even the same thing to me! "We'll call you Sir!" So what I did was rented theaters and I did it at such a risk, I showed it, people loved it and now they're after me. Why don't you go to www.dangerousmenthemovie.com?

Got any offers from the major studios?

John S. Rad: Pleanty. There's a stack in my car, do you want to see them? My pleasure! Pleanty! (Laughs)

What's your next film?

John S. Rad: The next one I'm writing the script right now. That is somethign I'm sure that will be different than any other film that you've seenin your life. Also, I have a script to shoot if any producer or investor would like to invest low-budget and gain high box office, I'll be more than happy to talk about it for more information write to my address: PO Box 11344, Beverly Hills, CA 90213.


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