Dangerous Men
A Sima Sim Intl. release. Produced, directed, written by John S. Rad.
With: Melody Wiggins, Kelay Miller, Michael Gradilone, Annali Aeristos, Bryan Jenkins.

Midnight trash of a'70s vintage, John S. Rad's "Dangerous Men" will strike horror in the hearts of anyone expecting coherence from trailer-park entertainment. As frazzled as its heroine, who goes on a vengeful killing spree, pic happily defies logic, and could crack up hipsters looking for latenight giddiness. Vid edition will become a perennial screener at alt-vid emporiums with a taste for irony.

Mira (Melody Wiggins) and Daniel are in love -- "so much it scares me," Mira utters. A walk on the beach turns bad when a pair of unprovoked bikers attack them, stabbing Daniel and raping Mira. Rather than going to Daniel's cop brother David (Michael Gradilone) for help, Mira decides she'll become a prostitute and lure slimy men to their death. It's not certain if Rad, an Iranian-American multihyphenate, is serious, and the level of confusion about artistic motives makes this trash more interesting. Rad's primitive shooting and cutting can be likened to sub-Corman exploiters, and his disregard for his actors to deliver a line or a punch to the stomach provides "Dangerous Men" with perhaps unintended hilarity.

Camera (DaVinci Labs color), Peter Palian, Felix, Gus Mendogues; editors, Rad, Roubie Zadourian; music, Rad; production designer, Rad. Reviewed at the Royal Theater, Los Angeles, Oct. 28, 2005. Running time: 79 MIN.
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