!If you want this movie to be screened in your area, ask and demand local theatre's owner to show Dangerous Men! Ask them to contact us!

Look at a few of many emails we received:

"I saw Dangerous Men last night in Austin,Texas. It was amazing!"
<Jacob Williamson>

"To John Rad-I just saw Dangerous Men.I...I...don't know what to say.You are quite simply a genius. In all seriousness:I'm sure you realize that you have made one of the funniest films ever,as evidenced by your website,it is truly something amazing.Either you are the world's end-all comic genius, or you honestly have no idea why people like your film. Either way is fine with me,as you birthed Dengerous Men.A beyond loyal fan.
<Austin Hambrick>

"I gather that "Dangerous Men" is a spoof of crime daramas, which is cool. Unfortunatelt, I didn't get to see the movie when the Senset  showed it. From what I know about the movie, it sounds like it makes a greta midnight feature. What I was wondering, though, is when the movie be out on DVD. <Evan Warech>

I just saw Dangerous Men about an hour ago, and wanted to send an email to the people involved in the making of this great film. This may have been the funnest moviegoing experience in my entire life; I can only hope that more people will go see it...I can't wait to see it again and bring all of my friends. Also, if there's any where we could buy a copy of the film or the soundtrack; I beg you to let me know!! Thanks for making a truly fun and entertaining movie! <Michael Mohan>

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